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Culture: Idoma And Their Expensive Wedding Style From Benue State

Good day everyone, I think is about time we start talking and exchanging views about our cultures in Nigeria most especially the norms, values, beliefs, principles and practices of how our culture works. Today I will be telling us on how rich and expensive the idoma culture is when it comes to marriage and other things I will be showing you the steps, attires and and history about the existence of idoma people in benue state.

Clues about the idoma people

The idoma's are people that inhabit the lower western areas of benue State. Their kindred groups can be find in enugu, nasarawa, cross river in Nigeria. The idoma language are classified in the akweya subgroup of the idomaid language of the Volta Niger family which includes the Alago, Agatu, Etulo and yala language of benue, cross river and nasarawa state. The idoma's are to be warriors and hunters of class and are very hospitable and peaceful. The idoma's have a traditional ruler that they call the Och' idoma, he is the head of the idoma area traditional council. If you are opportune to attend an idoma wedding ceremony just that you will be very impressed with what you are going to witness from their attires, delicacies and dancing step you are going to be amazed and wish for the wedding ceremony not to end.

Traditional food okoho

The idoma people are know for their love for food eg akpu, pounded yam and okoho soup, there is a annual food festival in benue state to celebrate women and some of their various traditional cuisines. The okoho soup is made and ganished with bush meat.

Idoma Traditional Dance

The famous dance step known among the idoma is the 'Ogrinya dance'. It's an energetic dance that requires jumping. When dancing this the dancer out on the idoma attire red and black.

I will insert pictures from various idoma wedding

Marriage rites and custom

When it comes to marriage customs and rites of the idoma people it's not like that of the igbos and from the southern part of the county. They have special and specific things that differentiate their tradition. In some idoma subcultures the grooms and his family have to present with the rooster and some money on the marriage day after the bride price has already been paid, if she accepts its a sign of approval but if she does not accept then it's disapproval. While there are no certain reasons that justify the need for rooster, it still remains an interesting aspect of the ceremony.

I will insert photos from various idoma wedding ceremony.

Pictures are used for illustration purposes.

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