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Fashion Trends That Short Girls Should Never Follow If They Want To Look Tall

We all want to follow the trends and look as stylish as we possibly can. This includes owning as many clothes as possible. But when shopping for clothes, you should only consider if this item will suit your body size and stature and as a short or petite woman, not everything your tall friends wear will look great on you.

Here are 2 clothing items you should not wear and what to wear instead;

1.      Miniskirts look great on you. the honest truth is that most of your tall friends wish that they could pull off short skirts without it looking awkward on them. short skirts on short girls look cute and they are a nice way for you to show off your legs. So instead of wanting to look good in long pencil skirts, try out miniskirts. You don’t have to wear the very short ones, just something above the knee would fit just right.

2.      Ditch jumpsuits, except if you want to wear them with heels, then as a short lady you should avoid wearing jumpsuits. Jumpsuits were unfortunately not made for the petite sized women, and that is why most of the time when you buy one they end up being too long for your short legs. Instead, stick with your beautiful pencil skirts and body con dresses. 

Thanks for reading.

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