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African Print: Put A Spin On Your Modern Outfit

The way to gain more attention now is with the African print, who else noticed this? African print is becoming so universal that even Europeans and some parts of Asia are giving recognition to it. Every some corporate bodies are becoming flexible in their approach to it. 

As a man of style, you don't want to be left out in the movement. So here are some ways you can put a spin on your tailored outfits with the colourful African fabric.  

Alter the look of your T-shirt with some African fabric at the chest area and on the sides. 

Flatter your senator top with some Ankara patterns around the chest and arm area. 

Spice your short sleeve shirt with some colourful prints for more vibrancy.

Twinning with your spouse in a collar neck shirt, designed with some African fabric at the chest area, will do the magic in showing your cultural background while maintaining a modern look.

Even a vacation shirt can come in African print to give you a casual and playful look when you're out of the formal/work setting. 

A full beach or pool party outfit can be designed in African fabric and worn with a sneaker. 

A play on plain and pattern designs done with a plain t-shirt and a colourful African print is sufficient to make a statement with your outfit. 

African print can form the full body of your collar neck shirt with plain fabric popping around the neckline, the sleeve and the pockets. Wearing it with chinos or cotton trousers can give it a semi-casual look.

Give your button-down long sleeve shirt a touch of the African print to add a little twist to business casual to its conventional office expenditure.

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