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Charcoal facemask for flawless skin

Charcoal is a solid substance derived from burning wood and other plant without exposure to oxygen . It has so many uses because of its absorption properties.

Charcoal can be used to attain a healthy and flawless skin complexion by grinding the charcoal with stone or mortar and sieving it to attain a fine or powdered state .

Charcoal absorption properties makes it absorb 1000 times more than it's mass

It draws all the bacterias and chemicals that gets into your skin everyday .

It helps to make your skin firm by tightening the pox on your skin

It has anti aging properties

It also fights acnes .


1. get a bowl

2.add some water

3.add 2 tea spoon of the fine charcoal

4.get a make-up brush

5.apply on your face for 5-10 mins

You can then wash off . It dries of the skin so it is advisable to apply moisturizer .

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