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Benefits Of Using Shea Butter(Ori) to Treat Stretch Marks And Hidden Healing Power

Shea butter is an effective way to treat stretch marks, but successful treatment depends on several factors. Botanical name is 'Vitellaria Paradoxa'.Also known as striae, the middle layer of skin, known as the dermis, shows stretch marks on the body when exposed to stress more than it can withstand - it loses its shape and elasticity created to protect it. As a result, visible lesions on the skin include red stripes (striaerubrae), stripes on the abdomen from pregnancy (striaegravidarum), or distinct lines on the shoulder or lower back (striaedistensae). Common in the male and female organs, stretch marks are usually caused by rapid weight gain from pregnancy, puberty or physical activity such as physical education and overweight. Withdrawal signs can be difficult to get rid of, treatment is generally done for cosmetic purposes and does not require further medical intervention. Again, this type of skin damage can get worse, and treatment can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on the degree of scarring. In addition to laser surgery, topical moisturizers such as shea butter are preferred, but not all shea butter is as effective in curing stretch marks.

In the case of laser surgery, this procedure is not only costly, but can result in bruises, blisters and skin blemishes that can last for weeks and months after treatment. As mentioned, moisturizers like shea butter may be a more convenient and less attractive method of treating skin blemishes such as stretch marks, but they can be an effective treatment protocol considering two factors: 1) sequence: of use on the affected area of ​​skin and, most importantly, 2) The quality of shea butter is pure, unrefined, to ensure that the product has a high content of fatty acids and vitamins A, E and F, butter the original shea should contain a bit of ivory or beige, and the color change depends on the quality and type of shea butter and butter. shows the processing methods used in oil production. According to the New York Times, a centuries-old healing cream used in Africa and Central Sahara Africa, shea butter is a product on the world market that generates between $ 90 and $ 200 million a year. However, there are many ethical issues that arise with such high demand, and it can be difficult to ensure the consistent quality of shea butter in the market.

In terms of treating stretch marks, the market is saturated with many products that may contain some shea butter, allowing unrefined shea butter to retain its basic healing properties and add other problematic ingredients containing artificial flavors. sulfates and parabens that have been shown to damage the skin and hair. Due to low industry standards and regulations to ensure product quality, there is a low incentive for companies to improve the quality of shea butter products. Alternatively, cocoa butter is also promoted in treating stretch marks, but has less healing abilities . Shea butter contains 5-17% more healing properties than average seed oils such as olive oil and coconut oil. In addition, shea butter contains high levels of antioxidants and restores skin damage and contains allantoin, which protects the skin from dryness and aging. Pure pure butter is moisturizing for sensitive skin due to its natural SPF protection and has a less comedogenic degree compared to cocoa butter, which means it does not stain skin pores.

Shea butter is available in Nigeria, we should embrace and use more Shea Butter products. Please comment and follow me for more updates.

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