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Make a Hair Accessory with seashells (Tutorial)

Ladies have used fashion accessories over the centuries. The 21st century is no exception. You can find accessories like bows, hair clips, pins, ribbons, and many more. How about you make some fashion accessories yourself? DIY projects are great if you have time to work on them. An excellent idea for a DIY project is a Seashell hairpin 

Seashells are so lovely. And the best thing about them is you can pick them for free at the beach. Cool, right?

Keep reading to know how to make a Seashell hairpin. 

Photo Credit: Morgan Argo

To make a Seashell accessory, you need to get some seashells, some paint - you can use nail polish if you like, some hairpins and a driller or a big needle to drill holes. 

1. Make sure your seashell is hard and does not have any holes. You can wash your shell or sanitise it to remove any germs. 

2. Drill a hole at the tip of the shell. Do this carefully to prevent the shell from breaking. 

3. Next, paint your shell using whatever pain is available. If you are using nail polish, ensure you make at least three coats. You can also use some transparent nail polish as a final coat. 

4. Once your seashell is completely dry, pass your hairpin through the hole. An optional step is to use some glue to make sure it sticks firmly. 

Voila! Your new hair accessory is ready to be used. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

What do you think about this tutorial? Will you try it out? Tell me in the comments below. 

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