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Ladies, see different stylish and trendy ways to tie your scarf.

The trend of tying scarf has indeed stood the test of time. Especially in Africa with people tying scarf to different occasions, especially churches. Tying scarfs is not restricted to religious occasions alone, you can style your scarf to look chic and trendy if you do it well. There are several styles of scarves to choose from, from the texture of the scarf itself, to the color and the pattern designs on it. The possibilities are endless from tying these scarfs around your neck people have also extended to drooping it around the neck, decorating bags with it, and tying it on the hair instead of around the head. Scarves are a fashion accessory that gives your outfit a bold and different look when applied in the correct way. Check out these styles below.

1. The top knot- You can pull this off by using a well fixed weave or braids. Just gather the top half of your hair and tie it with a rubber band, then roll it into a bun, then tie your scarf around the rubber band just like in the picture, or you could make a different style that suits you.

You can also gather up all your hair, and tie the scarf around the bun.

2. Rose scarf half knot- This is one unique style that you don't see everyday, you can try this out with braids too. Part your hair into three subsections like you want to weave, then put your scarf in the middle section like and attachment, then start weaving them all together to form this intricate looking beauty, then wrap the edge into a bun.

3. The full head wrap- Fold your scarf into a triangle, then hold the sides of the scarf, so that the angular part is facing down, then slide it over your head such that the angular flap falls on your face, then tie the long arms back. Overlap the held sides in front of your face and tie them in knot.

4. The blended scarf- This style will make you come out looking really trendy. To make it, tie your hair back into a ponytail, then roll your scarf into a band and tie the ends together to look like an head band, then pass the scarf over the ponytail, twist it around the base, and pass it partially over the ponytail, so the ends aren’t pulled through completely. Clip the ends together so that they stay in place. The next step is to divide the hair that was pulled through the scarf in half to form two Cs. Merge each section of hair to the scarf side near it.

And then, loop one scarf and hair side over and through the other.

Unclip the ends and pin them within the bun. This will make the bun appear bigger.

Secure the bun with more pins and that's it. It may look complicated, but once you get it once, it will become really easy to recreate.

5. Vintage top knot- This is for people with little patience while dressing up. Just roll your hair into a bun on top of your head, and then roll the scarf around your head and tie the ends into a bow beside your head.Other scarf styles are;

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