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5 Types of Men's Underwear You Should Know

Your underwear may not be for a public attraction center, but that does not mean you should wear just anything because it will stay underneath your clothes. Men's underwear comes in different forms, shapes, and sizes. Also, each of the underwear has its different purposes. Knowing the underwear, you are wearing can help you make the best outfit decision and keep you comfortable.

1. Briefs

Briefs are swimwear designed in a Y-shape form, similar to the shape of a woman's pants. It doesn't extend beyond the thighs, and it offers enhanced support and fit. 

2. Boxer shorts

These shorts provide enough coverage and comfort for men. Besides, the material is breathable, allowing air to pass through easily. Due to this, boxer shorts may not work for slim trousers.

3. Boxer briefs

Boxer briefs have the features of boxer shorts and briefs. They are versatile and works for all types of outfits. Also, they sit comfortably on the waist and stretches longer than other underwear.

4. Trunks

Many men consider trunks to be a modern version of most briefs. They are shorter than boxer briefs, making them suitable for slim men who wear slim-fit trousers. A trunk of underwear is also perfect for men who wish to show off their legs.

5. Athletic

As the name indicates, athletic underwear works best for athletes or people who work out consistently. Since gym activities involve staying active, athletic underwear keeps you in place and supports you while you exercise. Besides, the material used in making the underwear offers a moisture-wicking feature that prevents sweat from accumulating while you work out.

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