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Don't trust women in make-up (see transformation)

Every lady today wants to be wearing make-up, It's no secret that modern make-up can do wonders, and photos in the continuation of the post are another confirmation. Honestly, some girls in the photo even find it hard to know 'before' and 'after' such a make-up.

Who says wearing makeup is a sign of insecurity? Whether you use it to cover insecurities or to glam before a party, make-up has the definitive power to transform a full face or unhealthy skin into something beautiful and likeable.

After a girl is done with her make-up, you as a friend, boyfriend or fiancee will barely recognize her, she will be stunning at that moment, more beauty that you could imagine. It's why it is more safe to date a lady you met on her natural beauty, wait and see who you are going for.

Check out the below most shocking pictures of the most incredible make-up transformations showing what a nicely done make-up can do to your look.

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