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Meet Guiness World Longest Hair Village. See Their Hair Growth Secret.

Huangluo Yao village which is located in china although small, have found its way into the guiness book of records. This is because of their extremely long hair for females. Their hair is so long that their village is nicknamed village of Rapunzel's or Long hair village.

The women have full dark hair that grow all the way to their feet, as long as 7ft long. You might wonder, why they keep their hair to that extent?? For the Haungluo women their hair symbolizes longevity and prosperity. They only cut their hair twice in their life the first is within the first 100 days after their birth, and the second when they are 18 years old. The cut hair is not discarded they use it to dress up the hair, like wearing a hat on her head. It is believed that the first time a Yao women see signs of grey hair is when they are 80.

Their major secret for their hair growth is rice water. They use their local rice water to watch their hair. So next rime you wash rice don't throw the water away. Rice water is known to have many benefits. According researchers, rice water contains vitamins B, C, and E which is aids hair growth. Also the presence of amino acids in rice water helps in the restoration of hair, thus aiding faster and healthy growth of your hair.

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