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Types Of Lipsticks You Should Have In Your Closet

1. Glossy lipstick: If you want your lips to glow, start with a gloss lipstick.

These types of lipsticks make your lips appear glossy. They also add a watery and shiny look to your lips and remain the most perfect choice for any type of lip. 

2. Matte: These brands of lipsticks don’t really shine or look glossy. Rather, they give your lips a very flat, firm and smooth look. If your lips are cracked, this lipstick will help you conceal it. Also, matte lipsticks that have a bit of Vitamin E and aloe help to protect your lips. Before applying matte, you should wear a lip balm first to fill up those cracks on your lips.

3. Moisturising Lipstick—

If you really want to prevent your lips from looking dry, just wear a moisturising lipstick.

These types of lipsticks are specially made to moisturise your lips. They also make your lips look smooth and soft as they are made with glycerin, aloe and Vitamin E.

4. Sheer Lipstick: Sheer lipsticks usually contain enough moisturising oils to keep your lips from looking dry and to give them a glossy appearance.


Satin lipsticks contain a very high level of oil, which makes them appear light on the lips.


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