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20 Basic Characteristics a Man should possess.

Men should possess some behavioral skills and characteristics to help show elegance among peers and help win lots of bonus points in relationship.

Now lets take a look at some basic characteristics men should have;

1. Know how to Knot a Tie

All men should know how to knot a tie.

2. Chose a Suitable and Nice Haircut

Choose a hairstyle that suits you and rock it regularly. Carrying a messy hair is really not acceptable. A man should look good always.

3. Speak with Confidence

Learn to speak with confidence and elegance. Try not to stammer and say irrelevant things when talking to the opposite sex or even a fellow man.

4. Learn to widen your Vocabulary

Learn the meaning of new words as you come across them and how to insert them in your speeches when talking.

5. Expand your Horizon

Try being open to new ideas by Increasing your creativity. Create multiple options for yourself to choose from.

6. Take Proper baths

As a man, you should learn to take proper and regular bath, at least twice a day. This helps eradicate smell and keeps your skin nice looking.

7. Use nice body spray

The use of nice perfumes, deodorant or spray is very important. Men should learn to grow the habit of using them.

8. Dress Classic Occasionally

Dressing classic is very important. Men should learn to do so as it shows being responsible and attractive. Dress how you want to be Addressed.

9. Take care of your beard

Taking care of ones beard is very important. If u decide to go with a clean shave or saving up the beard, it should be neat and well taken care of regularly.

10. Learn to treat people with respect

Respect is Reciprocal. Give respect to people you meet and those around you and you will find yourself receiving respects as well.

11. Understand life isn't perfect

A man should know life isn't perfect but it is wonderful, so learn to live the best you can.

12. Have a serious and presentable goal

Men should have a good and serious goal in life. Your goal must be presentable and should be chased by you until you achieve it.

13. Be open to opportunities

The simple point here is: Be open to Opportunities.

14. Learn to spend wisely

A responsible man should be able to cultivate the habit of spending wisely. Wasting money on unnecessary items, places and people should be stopped.

15. Learn to save

Create a saving plan and goal for yourself. The bank can help you achieve this or if you think you can handle it yourself. Save as much as possible for it will definitely be of importance one day.

16.Understand Your Health is your greatest Wealth

Know your health very important. You can improve your health by exercising regularly, eating healthy, reducing stress, drinking water regularly and lots more will help improve your health.

17. Acknowledge the value of special people around you

Appreciate the ones who put smiles on your face from time to time. Loving and being loved is something special.

18. Learn not to Judge people

There's a story behind every person. There's a reason why they're the way they are. Stop Judging but instead encourage them to their feet.

19.Understand no one Understands you like you

A man must know his mind is a maze only him can solve, so don't expect others to get you the way you get yourself.

20. Avoid Parasites

Avoid people who all they care about is living and feeding off you but add no meaningful thing to your life.

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Content created and supplied by: KelvinDyce (via Opera News )

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