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RUN For Your Life And Never look back if she Has these 7 HABITS.

Many young men out here today swallow a lot of painful stuff at the hands of ladies they are in relationships with because of " love " .

However no matter how you love or care for someone , your peace of mind should always come first and nothing else matters. If you find yourself in a position that compromises this, run and never look back. Therefore it's time for you to let go and never look back no matter what if you discover she has these ten behaviours and is not willing to change

1. Constant disrespect: respect is Paramount to love so if your lady doesn't respect you or constantly disregards your opinions and choices , then know she doesn't really love you. No man likes to be disrespected at all and if your woman does this everytime , let her go .

2 Nagging a lot: if you have a woman that always nags a lot , always complaining about what you do and what you do not do, you won't have peace of mind and at a point , you will be scared to tell her how you feel because of her continuous nagging . If your woman nags a lot , don't tolerate it .

3 . Excessive privacy: if your woman is excessively private, it means she is definitely hiding something from you , it means she is keeping secrets from you. Secrets that might threaten your relationship with her .

4. Staying Out late at Nights Frequently : staying out late at night is not a good behaviour at all as it can make some one fail to perform their basic responsibilities and duties .any lady that stays out out late at night should be very cautiously handled , if it becomes constant ,flee for your life . E get why!

5 .Lack of Apologies : a lady that doesn't apologize will never take corrections and will always try to justify her actions no matter what . If you notice your lady is like this , let her go .

6 . Spending too much time on Social Media :if she spends much of her time on her phone , going through her social media pages without doing any thing around the house , let her go because she won't add any reasonable value to your life at all . Rather you will be seeing different new trends and social media behaviours everyday .

7 Craze For Fashion: if she is always crazy about latest fashion trends, it might not be a good sign for her because she will do anything to look trendy for the glamour

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