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How To Heal Sunburn Permanently.

Sunburn is often caused by too much exposure to sunlight. As soon as you notice that your face looks a bit red, leave the sun immediately. It can take 3 hours or more for the redness to disappear. If you leave the sun immediately, you might be able to avoid an even worse sunburn.

Once the effects of the sunburn becomes very visible, start treating it immediately so it doesn't become even worse or permanent. 

Start drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated as sunburns cause dehydration. Water also heals the skin from inside.

Avoid the sun totally. Don't go outside from 12pm because at that time of the day, the sun is usually very hot and can cause more damages to your skin.

Moisturizing your skin frequently also heals sunburn quickly. You can moisturize your skin with vaseline and moisturizing lotions and oils.

Home remedies are also great in healing sunburn permanently. Some home remedies are lemon juice, tomato, sugar scrub, baking soda, potato juice etc.

Feel free to share with us what healed your sunburn and you can also share your other skin challenges.

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