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See Reasons Why Ladies Should Stop Wearing Thick Pants

Most ladies are fashionist they like put on fine cloths to places like school, church, work, clubs and even play grounds. But it is necessary they take the underwear precautions for health wise.

From scientific medical reasearch that was completed it discovered that, it isn't a great idea to consistently put on undwear and that it causes more damage than anything else. Ladies are medically advised to wear lighter pants, so that air will freely progression in their reproductive organs. 

1. Allowing air to enter the reproductive organ of a woman will assist her with preventing infections like urinary infection. It will likewise assist them with preventing bacterial infections. 

2. It is advised to wear lighter pants, except during their times of monthly cycle, just to assist them with holding the sanitary pads. 

3. It is acceptable and advisable for women to wear lighter underwears regardless of the weather.

4. Each lady should observe this, to abstain from harming themselve. Women should be concious of knowing that there body is open.

Health is wealth

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