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Ladies, Here are 10 styling tips to consider if you want to hide belly fats

As we grow old, one thing we struggle with the most is belly fat, we find it a lot harder to lose belly fat compared to other parts of our body, and most times these belly fats do not allow us to wear the kind of clothes we want to wear, it makes many ladies feel less confident.

In today's article, I will be giving you quick and different styling tips you can use to hide that big tummy and still look chic and gorgeous.

Tips 1) wear the right underwear

You don't want too tight, loose, or saggy underwear, we need to wear the right underwear so that underneath our clothes we look well put together and when we put our clothes on we don't emphasize part of our body we are trying to hide, another thing you could do is use a measuring tape to measure your breast to know whether you have added or lost weight there so that your underwear fits perfectly, another thing you could wear is high waist underwear so that you can tuck all those belly fats inside.

Tip 2) choose high waist skirts or trousers

High waist skirts or trousers helps to give you that tummy control you need in the tummy area.

Tip 3) choose wrap dresses

Another dress that is wonderful at hiding tummy fats is wrapped because they tie just below the bosom and with that, you're able to hold attention to the lower bosom rather than the waist, If you don't have a wrap Dress you should consider getting one.

Tip 4) wear high waist belts

If you are the type that likes belts, you can always go for high waist belts.

Tip 5) wear dark clothes

Wear dark clothes at the lower parts of your body where the belly fat is located reason being that dark clothes have slim and trimming effects.

Tip 6) wear clothes with vertical stripes

The reason is, clothing with vertical stripes helps gives you a smart and trim look, but horizontal clothing makes you look round and fat.

Tip 7) wear jackets

A jacket is another piece of clothing that can help you hide that belly fat.

Tip 8) wear tapered trousers

This helps in giving you that tummy controlling look.

Tip 9) wear flattering tops

Wear tops like peplum tops, wrap tops, tops with many patterns, it helps takes off eyes from the belly area.

Tip 10) use accessories

Accessories such as statement necklaces and even scarfs help take off attention from your belly area.

Lastly, do not forget to exercise and eat healthy because nothing can replace that.

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