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2 Things You Should Know About Alexander McQueen

Ace fashion designer Alexander McQueen is one icon everyone should know. However due to little time, here are 2 things you should know about the award-winning designer.

He was fascinated by bird and the sea

Rumors had it that Alexander McQueen was an active member of his high school's young birdwatchers club. Hence the reason many are not surprised by the designer's bucolic Spring/Summer 1995 fashion show called The Birds, or his extraordinary Spring/Summer 2008 set simulating bird wings in full flight using flashing LEDs.

Alexander McQueen was also said to have been passionate about the depths of the sea. His Spring/Summer 2010 fashion show had the designer imagined extraordinary dresses inspired by the manta ray.

He designed one of David Bowie's most iconic looks

In the late 1990s, Bowie invited Alexander then a recent graduate, to create a long Union Jack blazer for the cover of his Earthling album. Even after the creation, David has continued to wear the blazer and wore it throughout his 1997 tour and that was to be admired at the David Bowie Is exhibition

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