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How To Combine Wrapper And Damask Outfits

Combining wrapper with your damask outfits needs a lot of excellence because if you are not careful, you might end up embarrassed in public when the wrapper pulls out from your waist.

When you want to tie your wrapper, you can use a rope or a belt to support it.

Here are three different ways to combine damask outfits with wrappers:

1. Wrappers with prints will usually go with plain damask outfits. This will give you a perfect look. You can still combine a plain wrapper with a plain damask outfit as well.

2. Damask outfits can be combined with lace wrappers. A lot of women are already used to combining damask gowns with wrappers. 

3. Finally, this method won't require you to tie the wrapper. All you need to do is hang the wrapper on your shoulder. But this type of style is mostly for church programs. You can also use the wrapper to create a new gele for yourself.

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