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Skin Care

Before Going For A Tattoo, Here Are Some Decisions You Should Make

The important decisions you need to make before going for a tattoo are;

1. Decide on the Size of the Tattoo and Where You Want it to Be Drawn.

When you know the particular design, pattern, and color you want, other important things to consider before getting a tattoo include the size, color, and placement. How bold and attractive do you want your tattoo to be? Which part of your body do you want it to be designed? When you’ve answered these questions correctly, discuss it with your tattoo artist until he or she understands.

Note that there are some tattoo designs that suit some particular parts of your body. For instance, an image of the map of Africa would be best located on your back. If you, however, want to keep your tattoo away from the eyes of the entire public, your best decision would be to either go for a very small design.

Most importantly, when deciding on the area to draw the tattoo, please remember that corporate organisations will not accept people who have tattoos on any part of their body. So if you work in a cooperative environment, you might have to make another decision regarding your intention to draw a tattoo.


2. Take a decision to take care of your skin afterwards.

Your skin will definitely react to being pierced by sharp objects. These reactions can actually come in the form of several skin reactions around the tattooed area. 

If this eventually happens, you will have to take proper care of your skin. If you can't care for your skin, then you should consult a dematologist. A new tattoo can be likened to a fresh wound. If you don’t treat it very well, you won’t be healed of the injury. Therefore, you should avoid exposing the tattoo to the sun immediately. Try to apply a healing moisturiser and wash carefully with antibacterial soap to avoid more irritations or reactions.


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