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What to Consider Before Recreating Male Celebrities Clothing Styles

One of the most trending topics on the internet is “What I ordered Vs. What I got.” The phrase is used when individuals try to copy a particular style, mostly a celebrity’s but got the wrong design from their fashion designer or dressmaker. It can be disappointing when you have already pictured yourself slaying the cloth. I will show you tips to consider when next you see a captivating style you want to recreate.

1. Your body type

We have all agreed to promote body positivity, but you need to consider your body type when you see a style. Every person is made unique, and that’s why the style you choose must complement your body type. A clothing style that fits a triangle shape body might not look cute on a rectangle body type.

2. The fabric

Using a lace material instead of the Senator material you see on your favorite male celebrity may not bring out the calm look you crave. Instead, look for the exact fabric or something similar to match the look.

3. The dressmaker

There are flexible and creative fashion designers who need just a glance at a style before building its replica. However, you will be saving yourself from a headache if you use the original designer of the style you choose.

4. The style

If you don’t have enough funds for the original designer, the least you can do is to work hand-in-hand with your tailor. Talk about everything from the shape of the neck, pocket-size, details, and finishing. 

5. Accessories

What goes into the “perfect” outfit goes beyond the style. The accessories you use can make a significant difference.

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