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SAFETY: See Things You are Doing Wrongly while Choosing and Using Face Masks

Due to some states in Nigeria making face masks compulsory, I deemed it good to bring this to you.

There are things you may need to consider when choosing and using face masks for your safety.

Here are things you should consider.

1. Testing new face masks on your face without covering your.

Most people while buying face masks will pick one, test it on their faces and drop it back if it is not their sizes and pick another one.

Yet another person will come and buy it. What if the first Person has covid-19.

So when next you want to buy face masks, use your handkerchief to cover your nose first before placing the new one you want to buy on it to test if it is your size.

2. Buying too tight face masks with the hope that it will later expand.

If you buy the one with short elastic, you will cause yourself serious paint in your ear.

Make sure that any face masks you choose has enough elastic to avoid pain.

3. Using face masks without washing it first.

Don't start using face masks immediately after you buy one. Take it home first, wash it and dry it before using.

You really don't know how many hands have toced it. So, for safety reasons, wash it before using.

4. Removing face masks from the center.

It is not advisable to hold and remove your face masks from the center to avoid contaminating the mask.

Remove it from the rope/elastic instead.

5. Using face masks that compresses your nose.

When face masks compresses your nose, it may lead to difficulty in breathing. So avoid face masks that are too close/ compressed your face.

Thank you for reading, kindly comment, like and share with others.

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