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The Wodaabe Wife-Stealing Festival: See The Tribe In Africa Where Men Steal Each Other's Women

I believe you must have not heard of a tribe called the "Wodaabe tribe", right? Well, the Wodaabe tribe is a Fulani tribe in Niger, West Africa. In this tribe, marriages are always contracted in infancy, and also their women can have as many sexual partners as they desire before marriage. This is because the men of this tribes are regarded as very vain, as it is believed that they are the most handsome set of men. The funny thing is that when you see their men, they are always carrying or moving about with mirrors.

See a photo below where the Wodaabe man is holding a mirror.

However the Wodaabe tribe usually holds an annual festival called the "Gerewol" festival, during which men dress elaborately, wear some sort of make-up, and also hold a beauty pageant of different types. Do you know the surprising thing about this festival? The men just dress to impress the wives of other men.

See some photos of how the festival looks like:

The Wodaabe Man making up for the festival

From the pics, you can see how men paint red clay onto their faces, applying thick, black eyeliner to highlight the whites of their eyes, meanwhile matching lipstick to show off their teeth.

The men of the Wodaabe tribe spend about six hours preparing themselves for their big moment, so that they can dance and show off in all their finery. According to this tribe, beauty is judged by the whiteness of the eye, the firm straight bridge of the nose and white teeth. Therefore, the sole purpose of this make-up is just to accentuate these mentioned features.

However as soon as the festival starts, three most beautiful women from the tribe are chosen to judge as the men display through a dance, moving in circles.

Meanwhile, the wives of other men uses the opportunity to admire the men they most desire to choose as their second husband. So if a man successfully steals a wife without being caught, then the man automatically becomes her husband and the union is accepted immediately. The reason is because the Wodaabe tribe is a well-known polygamous tribe, so the issue of wife stealing is widely accepted by them. Although most men do not wish their wives to be taken by another men, so they try all their best to prevent thier wives from participating in the festival.

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