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For Easter Celebration, Make Delicious Meals With These Options Of Seasonal Fruits And Vegetables.

In the spirit of Easter, I bring you options of in- season Fruits and vegetables to spice your meals for the Easter celebration. Are you lost about what to prepare to entertain your family and friends this Easter? Then you shouldn't be.

While making your list, you might like to include any one of these healthy veggies and fruits. The Good thing is that they are good source of nutrients that the body needs and affordable too. So you can save lot of cash while you still enjoy nutritious meal with your loved ones this Easter, and you can easily pick them at your local grocery stores.

First on the list is Asparagus. Asparagus comes in green, white and purple, they are very good source of fiber, folate and vitamin A, C, E and K. This veggie is a great option to add to meals , it can be roasted in the oven, stir- fry, mixed in with pasta salad and more

Avocado: it's an all year round food for avocado lovers. Avocado can be swapped in for a healthier dessert, can be used for topping toast and whipping up a bowl of guacamole. You can pick fresh avocado from stores.

Broccoli: This particular veggie is full of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. Fresh broccoli is available year round and good thing is that it can be added to almost any meal. • Simply chop and add to salad, • Turn into a broccoli slaw, • Steam or roast for an easy side dish, • toss into pasta salad, stir-fry, corn bread, muffins or more.

Carrots: This nutritious veggie can simply be steamed, shredded and added to rice, soups, muffins, salad, meatballs and more. They have natural sweetness.

Banana: This favourite fruit of its kind is in season year round. • You can add it to your smoothies, muffins, pancakes. • Turn it into a nice cream for salad. • Can be taken along with rice.

Cauliflower: cauliflower is taking the culinary world by storm and popping up in everything from pizza crust to fried rice. • This versatile veggie can be used to make pesto. • Added to mashed potatoes for a lighter dish, • Turned into savory waffles or used to replace rice in classic casseroles.

Green beans: green beans are a excellent sources of fibers and vitamins A. They are also a good sources of folate, Vitamins B6, thiamin, Vitamins C. Add in soup sauces, rice, salad. They are family's favourite for a good reason.

Citrus: fresh citrus like oranges, tangerine, grapefruit can be used for fruit juice. They are excellent sources of Vitamins C and it is easy to make homemade juice with them.

Greens: fresh greens like spinach, lettuce, and many others are the basis for so many tasty recipes like salads. And they are nutritious, can serve in casserole, pasta dish, soups, smoothies.

Zucchini: Rich in fiber, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Zucchini lowers cholesterol, guards against asthma and strengthen teeth and bones. Can serve with pizza, in muffins, as fries or on the grill.

Celery: This veggie can be used in different ways to add flavor and texture to dishes. Chop and add to a potato salad. Use as base for soups, add crunch to salads and more.

Pineapple: pineapple are available all year round, peak season is March through July. This sweet Fruit contains Vitamins C, manganese, folate and copper. Enjoy in a fruit salad, smoothies, fruit juice.

Many more on the list includes tomatoes, okra and peas.

Which of this Fruits and veggies will you try out this Easter.

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