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How I ended up making my own Cake after getting disappointed

Over the years I've learned my lesson about food. I've learned that if I do something at home, at least I know what's in it and I'm the only responsible if it's not good or healthy. The second is the biggest problem as not everything that looks good and tastes good is healthy.

There's a saying that everything that is good is fattening and/or immoral. This is a good joke but unfortunately in many cases this is true. You see all kinds of cakes, cookies and other sweets, waving to you, looking irresistible but not everything that looks and tastes good is healthy.

It's not the first time I'm baking a cake, I'm doing this for years now but I thought I'd look for recipe online that is designed for walnut. YouTube is full of videos and after typing in the keywords I got a long list. After watching the first one I said this looks perfect for me.


This is a cake made of 8 eggs. Those who are baking cakes will know what I'm talking about. And it's made from scratch, no ingredients from a box ready made. The original recipe has a white-ish cream that is made of butter, milk, corn starch, walnuts, sugar, vanilla, white chocolate and that's all.


So I bought the ingredients and started baking. After it was finished I realized that the white chocolate was left out. I knew it wasn't a problem as the cream tasted very good already without the white chocolate, so there was no reason to worry about that. After eating a slice of cake I realized the white chocolate would have killed the whole cake as it was already too sweet, no additional sweetener needed, not to mention adding 100g of white chocolate would have meant another 530 kcal.

The cake became very popular, I had to bake it several times over the past few months, not that I mind. However we came to the conclusion that is too sweet. There's always a solution of you have a little bit of experience, and I have a few good years in the kitchen, always find a solution.

As I mentioned before, you need corn starch for the cream. When I made the first one I didn't have any corn starch at home (I forgot to buy some) and instead of running to the store, I started thinking what can I substitute it with. I knew pudding powder is made of corn starch, so that was an excellent choice. Because the recipe said vanilla, I chose a vanilla pudding. I used it without adding the necessary sugar required on the label as this was for a cream that already had sugar. But after finding the combination too sweat, I decided to use dark chocolate pudding instead, reduce the quantity of sugar and I was right. It's perfect for this kind of cakes.


As you can see above, you can box it and take it with you if you're traveling. It's the perfect dessert. It doesn't look as good as what you buy at the pastry shop but I don't care. Health comes first.

Cooking and baking takes time and experience, two things many people don't have. Eating out is more fun, no one can deny that. Unfortunately it has the huge disadvantage that you don't know what you're eating and that can harm your health big time. Sweets that you can buy at the pastry shop are made to look and taste good but I don't think anyone is bothered to make them healthy or not many, let's be fair. You buy a cake and you can eat close to 1000kcal, which can be half of your kcal intake for a day. How many I've seen eating in fast food units every single day because it's convenient and tasty. You get your order in a few minutes and don't have to bother with cooking and cleaning. It is convenient indeed but then at the annual checkup you get the bill and you won't like it. High blood pressure, high sugar and cholesterol level and so on.

Everything has a price.

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