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How I Made Sweet Cookies at Home with Just 3 Ingredients (Recipe)

We all know how sweet cookies can be. Cookies are baked typically in small shapes. It usually contains sugar, flour and some fats or oil. It is made in different ways depending on how you want yours to be. Cookies are very easy to make. With just 3 Ingredients, you are good to go. After learning this, you will never waste your money buying cookies you know nothing about how it was prepared.

We will learn a lot here, because I have come today with an amazing recipe for sweet cookies. Some people like to spray chocolate candy on It, while some prefer it plain, anyhow you have chosen, cookies are good for you especially for your children. It is super soft and sweet.

Let's get down to how I made this sweet and nice cookies at home with just 3 Ingredients.

As you learn, you are free to ask any question through the comment section, will be there to respond to your questions.

How i made my cookies at the comfort of my home with just 3 ingredients. Trust me, its delicious. Infact, this is the first time I have tried it and behold the outcome was wonderful.

The 3 ingredients needed for this include;

1. Butter

2. Icing sugar and

3. Flour

If you don't have measuring cup try using the following measurements

. 1 derica of flour

. 1 sachet butter

. 1 milk cup of icing sugar

The preparation

Get icing sugar and butter, give the two ingredients a thorough mixture. After you have succeeded in mixing it, add your sugar little by little till the mixture forms a dough. After you have achieved this, Cut your dough into two, place a nylon and roll to form a rectangular shape and must be half inch thick.

After that, Carefully put the rolled dough in the fridge for about 30 mins or there about. The reason for refrigerating it is to make the dough solid because of the butter in it. After 30 minutes or more, take it out of the refrigerator and then cut into your desired shape and sizes. To make some tiny hole styles on it, get a fork, use it to pierce the surface of the cake to give it the shortbread look.

Then move it carefully to ur baking tray, and transfer to the refrigerator for another 12 minutes or more. After that, get it out of the refrigerator and get them ready to be baked. Bake until you have successfully achieve a light brown colour. Bring it down and allow it to cool. Please always allow it to cool before removing it from the tray to avoid breaking it, this is because, it can break easily while hot.

You need to try it at home. You don't have to spend much money before you can achieve this, with just 3 ingredients, you are good to go.

If you have learnt something from this, please say something in the comments section. Also like and share for others to learn. You might be helping someone save a lot from buying cookies outside.

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