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If you are planning to marry a Yoruba lady, here are the common items on the dowry list

Marrying a Yoruba woman is not too costly in terms of financial expenses, the dowry items to be provided are not too expensive or too much, they are just token to appreciate the bride's family for taking care of their daughter. Yoruba dowry list varies from place to place but here is the commonest list amidst the Yoruba:

-42 big tubers of yam

- Palm oil and vegetable oil (25 liters)

- Honey (1 big bottle)

- Kolanut (25 pieces)

- Bitter Kola

- Alligator pepper (42 pieces)

- Sugar cane, Fruits (different types)

-Cow or goat


-basket of fruits

 -Alcoholic drinks

- The bride price (called Owo Ori)

- Dried fish (42 pieces)

- 1 dish of peppered corn meal (adun).

Also added in today modern world:

- 4 crates of canned or bottled soft drinks

 -4 crates of malt non-alcoholic drink

- 2 bottles of non-alcoholic wine

-2 cartons of fruit juice

- 1 bag of rice

-1 umbrella 

-1 big suitcase that contains shoes and matching bags, 

- different types of fabric ranging from Ankara to lace, including gele and aso oke for the bride

- 1 complete jewelry set with wrist watch, earrings and neck chains, 

- engagement ring

- Bible or Quran

Marrying a Yoruba woman is quite affordable and easy.

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