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How to Cook Delicious Dried Unripe Pawpaw Soup From Benue State

Learn how to Cook Unripe Pawpaw Soup From Benue State.

You may have Pawpaw tree in your Compound and you won't know that you can make a delicious recipe with the green unripe pawpaw you see. 

Unripe Pawpaw Soup is a delicacy among the Tiv People of Benue State.

All you need to do is to peel the green back of the Pawpaw off then slice into flakes or thin pieces and sun dry.

Unripe Pawpaw have great nutritional value

1) It is beneficial for cancer treatment and also to reduce cancer risk, it reduces the risk of heart disease, it also gives your skin a more youthful and toned look.

2) You can also use unripe pawpaw to prepare salad.


1) Dry fish

2) Grounded egusi

3) Dry pawpaw flakes

4) Palm oil

5) Chilli peppers

6) Knorr seasoning or cubes

7) Salt

8) Locust beans


1) Wash the beef, place in a pot then add 1cube of Knorr, sliced onions and salt to taste.

2) Add water and allow to boil for about some minutes.

3) Soak the dry pawpaw flakes in a cold bowl of water and allow to rise.Soak the dry fish in a warm bowl of water then rinse and remove the bones.

4) Make a thick paste with the egusi and leave to rise.

5) After the beef is cooked, remove from the fire and allow it cool then mix some water, beef, beef stock, palm oil, ground fresh chilli pepper, Knorr seasoning, salt and locust beans.

6) Allow boiling for about 10 minutes then add the egusi paste to the pot and cover again without stirring.

7) Add the dry fish after another 10 minutes, then stir gently after 5 minutes Finally, add the pawpaw flakes, then cover and allow to simmer for 15 minutes.

Your pawpaw soup is ready and can now be served hot with either Pounded Yam, Semovita, Eba or Fufu.

If you're in Benue State serving this Soup with Pounded yam is the ultimate.

Benue State is known as the Food Basket of the Nation.

Content created and supplied by: RockstarUfuoma (via Opera News )

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