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Tasty Foods in Nigeria

Are you wondering what Nigerian foods to try on your upcoming trip to Nigeria? I’ve got you covered. In this article, I will introduce to you popular dishes in this wonderful country so you can easily make a plan to explore the essence of Nigerian cuisine.

You can have a great chance to learn about the origins, tastes, and traditions associated with each dish. Much interesting information is waiting for you ahead. Sit down, get a snack, and enjoy plenty of fascinating stories.

1. Tuwo shinkafa (Rice Meal Swallow)

Tuwo Shinkafa was invented by the Hausa tribe who used to live in the northern area of the country. It comes in the form of ball-shaped mashed rice or corn.

I believe that you can’t find mashed rice in other cuisines. Traditionally, people use short-grain rice but sometimes they also use rice flour.

To create such a texture, people cook the rice or corn in water and use a long-handled wooden spoon to mash it, then shape it into balls. Tuwo Shinkafa is now a popular side dish of stews and soups. It is mostly served warm.

2. Eba (Cassava Meal Swallow)

Nigerian people love to make food from the cassava root, also called “Garri.” They use dried grated cassava flour to make Eba, a comfort food that is very popular among Yoruba people. It is also made in other West African sub-regions.

Eba is made by cooking dried grated cassava flour in hot water and shaping it into a large ball. Its color can be white or yellow, depending on how it is cooked. If people add palm oil when drying the grated cassava, then the dish will have a yellow hue.

People eat Eba using their fingers. They take out a small piece, turn it into a small ball, and then dip it in soup or stew.

3. Moin Moin (Steamed Bean Cakes)

When Nigerian people enjoy Jollof rice and fried plantains, they often place a dish of Moin Moin on the table. They also serve it at parties and special occasions alongside salad and soft drinks. Moin Moin is one of the most popular Nigerian side dishes.

This amazing food staple originated in the West of Nigeria. It is in the form of a thick and creamy paste made from black-eyed beans, onion, and ground red peppers. Depending on the preference of the cook, it can have a pyramid or cylindrical shape.

According to the tradition of Nigeria, each extra ingredient of Moin Moin is considered a “soul” or “life”. If 3 additional ingredients are added, it will be called “Moin Moin with three souls.”

A popular variant with 7 more ingredients is named “Moin-Moin elemi meje” or “Moin Moin with 7 souls,” which include minced meat, hard-boiled egg, lobster, titus fish, butter, green peppers, and carrots.

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