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How To Make Moi-Moi (Beans Cake) Without Stress

Moi Moi, so tasty you can't get over it. Okay I love this dish so much because of it's health benefits and range of combinations. You can moi moi with rich, garri, bread, custard, pap etc.


- 500g Beans/Black Eyed Peas. 

- 4 Boiled Eggs 

- 2 ½ cooking spoons of Vegetable oil or palm oil

- Sardines ( Optional)

- ½ Clove Garlic/Ginger 

- Aluminium or plastic cups. 

- 4 Fresh Tomatoes 

- 7 Small Chilli Pepper 

- Maggi

- Salt 


1. Soak your Bean for not 30 – 40 minutes then wash and peel off the brown back of the beans. Peeling off the brown back of the beans should be done by rubbing the beans with your palms until it becomes white. When you are done, wash the beans thoroughly.

1. After washing the beans add your onions, tomatoes, red chilli pepper, chopped garlic and a bit of ginger and blend all together. 

3. Get a clean pot and pour the contents inside. Add 2 ½ tablespoon of vegetable oil or palm oil, maggi and salt then stir. Make sure you taste if seasoning is perfect. 

3. if you are using sardine, take the fish out of the tin and shred it to remove all the bones.

4. Get your Aluminum cups or plastic cups and rinse it.

5. Pour the grounded beans, add your shredded fish and boiled eggs and wrap the sandwich bags or cover the aluminum cup

6. Put clean water in a pot and gently drop all the wraps inside. Cover the pot and cook for 30mins. 

7. After 30 minutes wrap to check to see if the moi moi is solid. Once it's sold turn off the heat, serve and enjoy with rice, pap, or bread.

Content created and supplied by: Johnthecook (via Opera News )

Black Eyed Peas. Chilli Pepper Clove Garlic Fresh Tomatoes Sardines


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