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Easy way To prepare eggroll

Preparing eggroll is so easy with this step by step method


1. Flower

2. Baking powder

3. Butter

4. Egg

5. Sugar

6. Groundnut oil

7. Water

8. Frying pan

9. Gas, stove or any other means of heat

Step by step preparation

- Boil your egg, peel it after boiling.

- Pour the flower in a bowl.

- Add your baking powder to the flower in the bowl.

- Mix it together very well using your hand.

- Add sugar (one cup of sugar for one muddle of flower?

- Mix it together so that the sugar can apply to every part.

- Add your butter and mix it together (You van use groundnut oil in place of butter) but butter is better.

- Now its time to add water. Since you are not yet perfect with the mixing, don't pour water on it all at once. Rather, add your water bit by bit and mix as you add. Make sure you mix it together fast and well enough to avoid boils.

- Now you can taste it, to know if the sugar is enough. If not, you can add.

- Now spread some dry flowers on a tray, or instead you can rob groundnut oil on the tray. Anyone you prefer.

- Place your frying pan on the first and pour your groundnut oil.

- Now cut the mixed flower, cut your preferred size, spread it on the tray, pick your boiled egg and place it in the middle of the flower and wrap the flower around the egg.

- Your groundnut oil should be hot by now. Place the wrapped flower in the oil on fire.

- Allow it fry, make sure you turn it over to avoid getting burn.

- Once it is all Browned, take it out, to a siege or bowl. Now your eggroll is ready.

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