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Beans washing made easy. Use this method to wash your beans within 10 minutes.

Growing up and till now, it has always been my duty to wash beans every Saturday. I dreaded this function because I would stand hours before I finished washing beans and it does not always come out as i had wanted. To beat time, i would start as early as 3 pm so as to finish by 5 pm and go to market to grind. This was basically my routine until I learnt an easy way to wash my beans as quickly as possible and that's what I would be teaching you today. Now, as an expert, lol, I start by 4 pm to wash my beans and before 4:30 pm, I'm done.

I know many find washing beans for moi-moi or ''Akara' hard, so sit tight, read on and learn how to wash beans the easy way.

First things first

Get your things ready:


Water in a bowl.

Steps in washing beans

  1. Put your beans in a bowl, pour clean water to the level of the beans. the water shouldn't be above the beans.
  2. Allow beans to soak not more than 2 minutes. Preferably don't allow it soak at all. Remember your aim is to peel the back of the beans but if you soak it for too long, the beans itself becomes soft and it will be difficult for the back to peel off. This was my major mistake then.
  3. Start to rub the beans against each other using your hand (in a washing cloth format) or you can use pestle.
  4. Continue with this till you notice that a good number of the back is peeled off. You would notice that it comes off easily. 
  5. Pour enough water into the bowl, enough more than the level of the beans. This is to help remove the peeled back which is now shaft.
  6. Sift the the shaft away using sieve. Pour the water back into the beans and continue this till you must have removed all the shaft.
  7. You may notice some beans are not peeled well, repeat step 3, 4 and 5.
  8. For a more clean work, put your beans in a tray, peel the remaining unpeeled back and remove any dirt in this.
  9. Hurrah!, you are good to go. Put your washed beans into a bucket, add a little water to soak for easy grinding.
  10. Add your ingredients:


Pepper: preferably red pepper


"Shombo" (optional)

Ginger (optional)

What is your experience with washing beans? Share with us.

Do like, share and comment so that others can learn too.

Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: NurseAdaku (via Opera News )


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