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Essay Steps In Producing Your Own ' Kunu Aya' Aka Tiger Nut Milk At Home.

Kunu Aya also called Tiger Milk is a popular Nigeria household drink; to some it is known as Shakes. The steps involved in producing homemade Tigernut milk are stress-free and straightforward, believe me, the result is worth it.

Tigernut milk is best enjoyed when served chilled; it is nutritional and suitable for everyone; here are the steps in producing Tigernut milk from your kitchen's comfort.

First, you will need the following recipe to make creamy Tigernut milk.

·       Freshly soaked Tigernuts

·       Clean filtered water

·       ¼ Sea salt

·       Natural sweetener- preferably Dates

·       Fresh coconut – optional to increase creaminess


1.      Soak the Tigernuts in salted water for 20-24hrs, the longer the soak, the softer they nuts will be and the easier they will be to blend

2.      If properly soaked to your preference, pour the Tigernuts through a sieve, and rinse thoroughly.

3.      Put the soaked Tigernuts in a blender and add a cup of clean filtered water. If you feel the water is too small, add another cup of water, but be careful not to add too much water before blending, as too much water can dilute the Tigernuts natural juice.

4.      Add any additional natural sweetener ( Dates, banana, chopped fresh coconut ) –which is optional

5.      Blend on high until it is creamy and smooth; this usually takes around 3-5minutes

6.      Pour through the sieve to filter the milk from the Tigernut pulp.

7.      Put the Tigernut pulp in the blender and add a little water; this process can be repeated twice to extract all the juice from the Tigernut pulp

8.      Once this is done, pour the milk into a jar or cup and store in the fridge.

9.      You can put the leftover Tigernut pulp into your milk for a sweet and nutty taste.

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Content created and supplied by: Enki (via Opera News )

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