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Do you still sip corn Pap? See what it does to your body.

Pap is a fermented cereal pudding made from maize. It has been in existence over decades and is being consumed by different people

Pap has different names that it is known of based on people's dialect, namely (a). Akamu (b). Ogi (c). Koko etc.

I know many people still take This known light food called "pap", now, I want you to know through this article what pap does to you when ever you eat it.

A study in 2018 on the nutritional contents of pap founds that pap is rich in nutritional properties like (a). Carbohydrates (b). Vitamins [A, B5,B3,B1, riboflavin, C], folic acid, potassium, chromium, selenium, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium. It also contains Amino acids such as tryptophane, phenylalanine, insoleucine, leucine, lysine and valine. The calories in one served pap is 152.

Now, here are the thing that happens to your body when you take pap.

1. It regulates blood pressure: pap reduces sodium from the body as it contains zero sodium and prayers the body with potassium which help regulate blood pressures and reduces hypertension production.

2. Pap is a good source of energy: as a result of Carbohydrate content of pap, it provides the body with energy.

3. Very essential for nursing mothers : because of high content of water in pap it help facilitate the adequate flow of breast milk for lactating mothers.

4. One lowers LDL cholesterol. 5. It boosts the health of the kidney 6. It is good for toddlers. 7.good for pregnant women.

Conclusion: pap is a light and easy to digest food. You have any view, drop it at the comment box below.

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