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Yoruba vs Igbo food: which tribe has the best delicacy

The Yoruba and Igbo tribe are located in the southern part of Nigeria. This two group of tribe have unique culture which can be seen in their dressing, food and lifestyle.

I have been to the Igbo and Yoruba canteen and I notice this two tribes have unique meals that can make you salivate that you always wish to patronize them always.

Let look at list of Yoruba and Igbo delicacy


Oha soup

The first on my list of Igbo delicacy is the oha soup. This soup when served with wrap of fufu makes your day. The best time I enjoy this food is in the night. Lovely soup

Okro soup

Another Igbo delicacy which is best serve with fufu. The food is more delicious when spice with fresh fish. This one of the cheapest food you can find in Nigeria.


Ukwa whom some of my Igbo friend call African breadfruit. I come across the food in one of my friend house. I hesitate at first to taste from it until I was convinced to give it a trial and I found it mouth pleasing and sumptuous



The day I taste this soup I was like "oh my God" what a lovely meal to feast on. This soup is yellowish and best serve with ewedu and amala

Efo riro 

This soup is worth spending your last dine on especially when serve with pounded yam. Unique soup with mouth watering taste


Moimoi is one of my favorite Yoruba food which has a lot of abundant protein. Best serve with bread or eko.

Which tribe do you think have the best delicacy?

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