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“I Will Eat The Fruit Of My Labour Before Any Bird Does” - Man (PHOTOS)

Farmers are probably the most important set of people to humanity because they are the one responsible for availability of food in excess to circulate and be ready for consumption. Many people didn’t want to venture into farming probably because of the stress and hard work that comes with it and without the use of modern farming machines, being a farmer could be one of the hardest jobs.

Farmers provide raw materials to industries who then manufacture it into finished goods. People believe in machine to do everything in this century but there are still people who make use of their man power in cultivating the land and planting what ever they wanted to plant.

Some of the things that give farmers concern include animals who eat what they planted. Plants like Cassava, Maize, Sweet Potato produces leafs that appear appealing to goats among other animals and they tend to destroy the plant by trying to have a taste of the leaf. However, a man on social media has shared some hilarious pictures of what he did to the fruit he allegedly planted and he gave the reason for doing it.

The man who goes by the name Oyindamola on Twitter took to his Twitter page to tweet about how he took a bite from his Guava fruits because he doesn’t want birds to have the first taste of it. In his full tweet which was constructed in “Pidgin English” the type of English commonly used in Nigeria, he said “Na me go reap the fruit of my labor before any bird reap am. I ate the ripe side, I’ll check back tomorrow”

The tweet which sees the man trying to explain how he had to take a bite from his Guava fruit before any bird does. He said he only bite the ripe parts of the fruits and he will check back the next day to see if they are fully ripe so that he can eat the whole thing.

What do you think about this guy’s action?

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