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Check out five different ways you can eat Akara for breakfast.

Growing up as a Nigerian, you probably already know much about akara and everything that comes with it. As a Nigeria, Akara is one of the basic food eaten by most people as breakfast. It could be eaten with different kinds of other foods such as Akamu, bread, garri, stew and so one.

Akara is mostly called beans cake in English and has the eaten not only in Nigeria, but also outside the country. These day, Akara are not only eating in the morning, but they are Also eaten in 5he afternoon or at night as dinner.

Here are five different ways to eat your akara.

1. Akara and stew

Akara and stew are mostly eaten by the English and large majority of people in Nigeria. You can have a try if you haven't eaten it before.

2. Akara and bread.

this style of eating Akara is mostly acceptable and know by every one. You can call sandwiches

3. Akara and Akamu ( pap)

Akara can also be eaten with pap in the morning. As lest most of us grew up eating it that way.

4. Akara and garri

you can also have your akara together with garri for a change. It is actually very delicious

5. Akara and tea

yes, Akara can be eaten with just tea alone. Some people like eating it that way and it is actually very good.

Which of these combinations have you eaten??

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