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If You Think Garri Is Trash, Check Out These Combinations That Would Make You Change Your Mind

Garri, according to some people, is labelled a poor man's delicacy. It is created from the cassava tuber after a proper peeling, soaking, fermentation, frying and then drying. It can come in a smooth powdery flavour known by the Yoruba's as 'Lafu' or in a more granular form. The garri delicacy gained more recognition after it was recreated into a special recipe by Nigerian Musician, D'Banj into the popular "Koko-Garri".

No matter how much some people belittle the garri delicacy, important personalities like David Adedeji Adeleke, also known as Davido has also been seen enjoying the delicacy. Personalities like Senator Dino Melaye and Atiku Abubakar have also been seen drinking garri too.

Even to students, the garri delicacy is very important. At times, you might just be tired and at the same time, you're also feeling very hungry and unable to cook any food. This is when the garri becomes gold as you can just drink a little bit of it and then relax until you gain enough strength to cook.

Just like every other food, garri can also be made to look expensive and classy if that's all you care about. It all depends on how you decide to dress it up.

While it is very ordinary for people to take garri with milk, you can decide to step up your game a bit by substituting the milk for a very creamy and light yoghurt. You can also decide to supplement it with some groundnuts and ice cubes. You would totally love the experience.

If you don't fancy the taste of yoghurt, there's a Hausa made drink known as 'Fura'. You can also use it and then notice the unique taste.

Another combination would be that of 'Garri and fish'. While it looks quite normal to take that, you could be a type that likes to live a foreign life which would require you lacing up the garri perfectly. You can decide to get three different plates, putting garri in one, ice cubes in the other and fish in the third.

My brother, just snap this thing and put on social media with yourself in the picture. People would hail you for your uniqueness.

You can also decide to take garri with roasted meat (Suya). You can also decide to supplement it with sugar, groundnut and milk.

Garri can also be converted into a paste-like nature by mixing it with hot water to prepare what the Yorubas call 'Eba'. This Eba can be eating with a variety of Nigerian soup mixtures.

Garri can also be taking with substances such as honey, coffee, chocolate or even fruit flavours depending on the type of taste you have for garri.

Which other garri combinations do you know?

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