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7 Unofficial Food Commandments Every Nigerian Should Know (PHOTOS)

There are some unspoken rules every Nigerian should know when it comes to Food. These commandments are unofficial but they have been around since forever.

JuicyNewss present to you 7 Unofficial Food Commandments Every Nigerian Should Know.

1. Never throw away the water gotten from boiling your meat

The water gotten form boiling meat is a major flavor used for soups, jollof rice and fried rice. It makes it very delicious.

2. Use a knife if you want to take meat without being noticed

It is called Slim fitting.

3. Fry a Bunch of plantain without tasting it

The best way to test your self control is to fry a bunch of plantain without tasting it.

4. Chicken is greater than turkey

Nigerians love eating chicken.

5. Fried Rice last for a very short time

You can not keep your fried rice for days.

6. You don't use all noodles seasoning if you want to enjoy eating it.

7. Three people are meant to consume a pack for spaghetti

What's your take on this? Let know in the comment section if there are other unofficial food commandments that's not mentioned here

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Content created and supplied by: JuicyNewss (via Opera News )

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