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7 traditional meals to prepare this Sunday

According to one popular adage that says, 'there should be a time for enjoyment after an hectic work'. Such is the case for all workers either part-time, full time, white collar or labourers. There should be a time set aside for relaxation, by going to various interesting places, visiting families and friends or by cooking special meals. This will make them to cool down, relaxes the brain and also prepare the mind for work ahead.

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Although, there are many methods of relaxation, but the most common method many people used in refreshing themselves is by cooking some special meals during leisure time. In this article,we will shed light on some traditional foods you can prepare this Sunday for families and friends as a form of relaxation.

1. Nkwobi

Nigeria is blessed with rich delicacies from her different tribes. Nkwobi is a delicious delicacy that originated from Eastern Nigeria. It is made with cow leg together with other seasonings, which may not be frequently prepared at home. Many people prepare it during festive holidays,  it is a good idea if you can serve your home this great dish. It will always be a memorable one.

2. Isi ewu

This delicacy is prepared just like nkwobi, but the difference is that it is made with goat head which make the taste obviously different. You can also make this meal this Sunday, your family will appreciate you for that.

3. Achicha Ede

This delicious meal is a traditional Igbo food. It is prepared with cocoyam. Many people look forward to festive season when they will travel to villages so that they will eat the food. This is a great meal to serve your family this Sunday.

4. Ekuru 

Ekuru is a popular Yoruba food which is usually served during some traditional festival years ago. But nowadays, many people derived joy in preparing this delicious meal at home. It is also known as white moinmoin. Let your wards feel loved by preparing this sweet delicacy for them this Sunday.

5. Abari

Abari is a traditional food that is made with corn. Many people normally look forward to eating it, so it is a great idea to prepare it. 

6. Asun

This delicacy is made with goat meat. Villagers usually eat this spicy roasted goat meat with palmwine or other local drinks. Many urban dwellers now prepare this delicacy with oven, so it can be prepared at anytime. 

7. Mosa

Mosa is commonly eaten in the northern part of Nigeria. It is a food made with rice. It can be eaten with soup or grinded pepper popularly called 'yaji'.

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