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10 Benefits of Eating Chicken's Feet You Must Know

Eating chicken feet may sound unappetizing to some people, but it is considered to be a delicacy in many Asian countries, including China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Korea.

People in other parts of the world eat chicken feet, too. Recipes featuring chicken feet are popular in Jamaica, South Africa, Trinidad, and a number of countries in South America.

What is so special about chicken feet? Some say it's good to avoid wasting any edible parts of the chicken. This could be true, as many ethnic groups that ate chicken feet were traditionally from the lower income groups. Others say chicken feet are healthy.

Here are the 10 benefits of Chicken feet as sourced from

1. Rich Chicken Legs Collagen

In a study conducted by the Faculty of Animal Sciences of Chung-Hsing University in Taiwan, it is revealed that the leg of the chicken contains very high collagen.

Although natural collagen levels in chicken legs are similar to collagen found in green vegetables and fruits that contain many vitamin C. Collagen is one of the special ingredients that the body's skin needs to maintain skin elasticity. The benefits of collagen in chicken legs are very much, among others are:

  • Collagen preserves the health of the skin and shapes skin elastic because it supports the replacement of dead skin cells with a new skin cells that are faster.
  • Collagen helps the body absorb absorption of calcium and protein, making the body healthier.
  • Collagen can increase the production of red blood cells because it works by strengthening blood vessel structure.
  • Collagen helps the body to lose weight as it can increase body fat metabolism.
  • Collagen can make bone structure stronger and prevent bone marrow disease.
  • Another source of collagen

2. Maintaining Joints and Reducing Risk of Risk of Bones

Rheumatic joints and brittle bones usually occur in older people. The cause is that the body can not get calcium and the bones can not properly absorb calcium. But with taking chicken legs from a young age it will give a different impression.

The legs of the chicken leg consist of only skin, tendon and bone. The content of chicken legs rich in protein, calcium, cartilage and collagen can easily be absorbed by the body. This nutrient is very important to strengthen bone structure and can prevent bone marrow when it is advanced.

3. Cure Injuries

Nutrition found in chicken legs is like protein and calcium. These two nutrients are very important to help regenerate nerves, muscles and human bones. Studies conducted by a US researcher revealed that the potential nutrients can help cure injury.

Although the condition of the spine injury is believed to be quickly healed by wearing food that contains chicken legs.

4. Healthy Digestive Channels

Chicken feet can be made into a refreshing broth or soup. The portion of the chicken leg contains a very tasty connective tissue and cartilage. Even all nutrients such as protein, collagen, chondroitin and Glucosamine will also be dissolved when cooked into soup.

The benefits of these various nutrients are also very good for making digestion healthier. The effect of this nutrient is also very important to make the gut become softer that your digestive tract becomes healthier.

5. Maintain Nail Health

Cooked chicken legs will release some very important nutrients for the body. Pati or other types of cooked chicken legs can produce amino acids, collagen, glycine, hydroxypolin, and prolin that can help maintain the health of the nails. Cooked chicken legs will usually remove a lot of gelatin or gel gel. This nutrients help the body to treat calcium and be absorbed by nails.

6. Boost Gum

Gum is a powerful network that is used to support the teeth. Some types of gum disease are caused by poor dental health problems. But it can also be caused by the body. Vitamin deficiency and some other nutrients will also create problems with gums. Chicken legs are foods that contain substantial amounts of nutrients.

There are connective tissue and cartilage that can turn into gel because it contains collagen, amino acid, and some gelatin forming substances. That's why all of these substances will improve gum health.

7. Improve Your Immune System

The chicken leg is well known for its all-important nutrients such as collagen or gelatin forming agent. In addition, the chicken legs also contain various types of minerals such as zinc, copper, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

All these minerals are needed by the body to build health and overcome various diseases. By taking chicken legs it can also improve the immune system.

8. Forming Natural Probiotics

Many chicken legs contain collagen and various other minerals can also form natural probiotics. A lot of gelatin agents are found in liquids from chicken leg stew is very good in forming natural probiotics. Probiotics will make the body capable of forming natural immunity, healthy intestines and overcoming digestive tract.

9. Balancing Body Hormones

Chicken feet also produce some very good amino acids for the body. One of the types of amino acids released from the feet is Argentine.

This is a type of amino acid that is useful for the body. One is helping the body to release hormones that cause stress and stress. Even Argentine is also important to produce good hormones for both men and women.

10. Prevent Damage of Body Circles

The benefit of the last leg of the chicken is to keep the body tissues damaged. Having a strong body network is very important for health. The connective tissue is required for muscles, bones and various body organs such as liver, bile and other organs.

Cooked chicken feet will release glycerin amino acids. Glycerin has an important function for strengthening the body's connective tissue, maintaining the health of the organs, helping the body to remove the body's toxins and also improve the quality of the nerves so as to enhance the sense of comfort during sleep.

Now are you ready to eat chicken feet ?

Content created and supplied by: Zahra0004 (via Opera News )

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