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How to cook Nigerian palm oil rice

Njanga Rice - Jollof Rice With Palm Oil (+ VIDEO!)Photo Credit- Google

Nigerian palm oil rice is a palm oil based meal, prepared with locally sourced ingredients, it has a unique local flavor most people enjoy.

In this article, I will show you how to make Nigerian palm oil rice with just N900 using the following ingredients;

1.2 cups of parboiled rice N300Parboiled Rice

2. 2 cooking spoon of fresh palm oil N150Crude Palm Kernel Oil Buy crude palm Kernel oil in KwaZulu Natal South  Africa

3. Smoked fish N200Abo Fish - Smoked (Sole Fish) x10 | Buy Online Today - Wizshoppers

4. Grounded Crayfish N100Pwesh Kitchen - All Nigerian Food Recipe Blog: 2016

5. Chopped scent leaf N50Shredded Basil leaves: As the rice is bubbling, start dressing the basil (scent  leaves) | Jollof rice, Jollof, Rice recipes

6. Blended fresh pepper N100African Pepper Sauce - Immaculate Bites

7. I medium size diced onions N50Vaughan Foods Diced Red Onion | Onions & Garlic | Donelan's Supermarkets

8. Salt to tasteStudy identifies 'quick and simple' test for salt levels in food

9. 3 Seasoning cubesExploring Alternatives to Seasoning Cubes in Nigerian Cooking-Roll Call

Preparation process

1. Heat a medium size pot, add your fresh palm oil, allow to simmer for a minute then add your chopped onions, stir the onions for 2mins.

2. Put 2 cups of water in your pot, then add your smoked fish, crayfish, fresh pepper,salt and Seasoning cubes, stir and bring your pot to a boil, add your parboiled rice, stir and allow to cook until soft.

3. Put your chopped scent leaf in the pot, stir with a spatula, put out the fire and serve.How To Prepare Nigerian Banga Rice - Royac Shop

Your Nigerian palm oil rice is ready to eat.

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