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2 Easy Ways To Manually Wash Bitter Leaf To Remove The Bitter Taste Before Preparing The Soup

Bitter leaf is a popular leave in Nigeria used to prepare soup such as Egusi (melon), Ogbono, bitter leaf soup and son on. Not many knows how to thoroughly wash bitter leaves to remove the bitter taste before cooking while some find washing bitter leaf a bit tedious to do, but I am here to the rescue. I will show you two easy ways you can manually wash bitter leaves without much stress, yet, you will get an effective result.

1. The use of edible potash.

Edible potash is a very good catalyst and is used to prepare many food, it is also known to reduce bitterness, and increases viscosity in soups like Okra and Ewedu.


i. Get an edible potash, dilute it in a bowl with warm water.

ii. Clean the bitter leaf by washing off dirt with clean water.

iii. Get a bowl and put the bitter leaves in it, then pour the water of diluted edible potash on the bowl containing the bitter leaves.

iv. Use both hands to Rub and Squeeze the bitter leave repeatedly until it foams and the water turns dark green, continue rubbing and squeezing with both hands until the leave is softer and in shreds.

v. Drain the water from the leave, squeeze and wash the bitter leave again in a bowl, this time without adding water, continue the process until the bitter taste is out.

vi. Rinse with water, taste to know if the bitterness is out to how you want it, if it's not, repeat the washing process, if it is, thoroughly drain the water. Voilà the bitter leaf is ready to prepare your soup.

2. By pounding before Using your hands to rub and squeeze.

Another super easing way of removing the bitter taste from bitter leaf is to pound. Your pound using a pestle and a mortar to pieces the bitter leaf, these helps to hasten up the process of washing.


i. Pluck the bitter leaves, wash with clean water to remove dirt.

ii. Put the bitter leaves in a clean mortar, pound into pieces with a pestle.

iii. Pour the pounded bitter leaves in a bowl, add water to it, rub and squeeze the bitter leave.

iv. The water will look dark green and foamy, drain the water out with a colander.

v. Pour the leaves back to the bowl, rub and squeeze, do this repeatedly until it foamy.

vi. Add a little water to rinse, continue the process of squeezing and rubbing with both hands until the bitter taste is out.

vii. Rinse and drain out the water, the bitter leaf is now ready to prepare soup with.

Note that you can get an already washed bitter leaves from the market, but it is not advisable because it is unhygienic. When you wash it yourself, it is more healthy and it also helps save cost. You can also wash as much bitter leaves as you want, but it has to be sun dried after washing to preserve it.

Content created and supplied by: Yvonneupdate (via Opera News )

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