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6 Common Fruits That Are Spelt Wrongly And Their Correct Spellings

There are numerous fruits that exist in this world, those we know and those we do not know. Most of them that we know, we do not know their correct spelling.

The funniest part of this fact is that most of these fruits are common fruits that we eat or come across almost everyday.

Fruits are very necessary pertaining to our good state of health. There is what we call balance diet, if we only eat cooked or fried foods without balancing it with natural fruits, it might result to one kind of sickness or the other.

It is necessary that we know the correct spellings of these fruits. That is why this article is being written.

1. Sycamore

This fruit is a common fruit especially in rural areas but mist people do not know the correct spelling. Some spell it according to the sounds, some spell it as cincamon or sicamor which is very wrong. The correct spelling is sycamore.

2. Africa Cherry

This fruit has different names according to the culture. Yoruba call it agbalumo while Igbo call it udara it without knowing the correct English word and spelling which is Africa Cherry.

3. Avocado pear

This fruit is called Ube in Igbo but the correct English word is Avocado pear.


This is a common fruit that its different wrong pronunciations have made it difficult to spell. But many people do not know that the correct spelling is pineapple.

5. Guava

This fruit is pronounced as gwova and many people think that that is how it is been spelt but the correct spelling is guava.


This fruit has a pronunciation that is very difficult to spell, if you tell someone that it is spelt as soursop, he will not believe because it is mostly pronounced as chowanchop.

I hope that this article is helpful, if you have any contributions or disagreement, comment below.

Thanks for viewing, stay tuned for more updates.

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