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A Faster Way To Get Rid Of Stones From Your Beans Other Than Merely Picking Them Out

Consumption of foods filled with stones is a very uncomfortable feeling and experience particularly to the teeth. Beans are healthy legumes which can be prepared and enjoyed through several methods such as making from them, foods like moi-moi, akara and the rest of them. 

Source: 9jafoodie

Porridge beans is also another recipe from beans which involves it's direct cooking and here stones would bring much more discomfort to anyone consuming it. Taking your time to pick these stones out before putting the food on fire is the normal method but it usually takes a lot of time in most cases.

We live in an age where faster means of getting things done would be appreciated. Instead of spending much time picking the stones one after another, an easy way to get rid of these stones is by applying a separation technique known as decantation method.

This method is applied in separation of substances that are heavy from relatively lighter ones. It is often used in sieving out sand from water but can also be used in sieving stones from beans.

Here is the procedure

Wash and pour the beans in a pot and then add water.

You would see some chaff floating upon the water, filter them out.

Put the beans on fire so as to parboil. Parboiling of beans is always very essential as it helps get rid of any chemicals that must have been used on it's preservation that couldn't get away during the normal washing.

After boiling, sieve out the beans, pour in a separate bowl or pot and add some cups of cold water.

Then, gradually take the beans to another pot starting from the uppermost layer. When you get to the bottom of the bowel, you will see that this is where most of the stones have lodged, it would be much easier for you getting rid of them that it would have been if you started picking them one by one.

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