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8 Cooking Tips That Will Make You A Kitchen Star

8 Cooking Tips That Will Make You A Kitchen Star

Food is something we can't avoid in any way. When we know that we can't avoid food no matter how, it's a must for us to cook a good and healthy food for ourselves. To cook a good food is not something hard to do, you just need to follow some procedures.

These procedures that will make you to cook like a kitchen star are listed below.

1. The correct way to peel ginger.

To peel ginger skin correctly, try to use the smooth edges of a spoon.

2. To cut onions without tear.

To cut an onion without a tear, try to freeze the onion before cutting it.

3. To prevent a banana from over-ripening.

To prevent a banana from over-ripening try to wrap it with clingfilm.

4. Easy way to peel garlic.

To peel garlic easily, try to microwave the whole bulb for about 20 seconds. After that take it out, the skin should slide straight off.

5. Use kitchen shears to chop and trim your chicken and other animals meat.

6. Also use a cracked eggshell to fix out the small fragments of eggshell.

7. If you mistakenly overcook your turkey or chicken, try to pour warm water over the chicken or the turkey.

8. To slice a smooth and clean tomatoes try to use two plates to slice the tomatoes in one smooth motion.

Those are the latest kitchen tips for now. Please don't forget to comment, like and share. Also follow me for more kitchen, health, beauty and entertainment updates.

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