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These 8 leaves will make your Egusi soup taste good.

Egusi soup is one of the most popular soup, and almost every week soup in Nigeria homes.

But in other to make this egusi soup taste good, there are some leaves our dear mother and wives has been using, over the past years to prepare this our delicious egusi soup.

Some of these leaves are found in our backyards, farmlands, or at the market.

These leaves varies from the popular bitter leaf that we all know, to that cassava leaf you probably might not know, that makes our egusi soup preparation perfect.

If any of these leaves is not added to our egusi soup, when prepared at home, that egusi soup will not have that sweet aroma or taste, that will make you ask for more.

Check out the major leaves we need in preparing our egusi soup, to get that particular aroma or taste we desire.

(1). Bitter leaf.

Bitter leaf has been used to prepare egusi soup over the past years. There is this distinctive taste bitter leaf gives your egusi soup that make it stand out from other leaves.

When you eat egusi soup that was prepared with bitter leaf, you can immediately tell the leaf in the soup.

The natural bitter taste it gives your soup, make it different from other leaves out there.

If you know of any lady that tells you she does not like bitter leaf in her soup, then it should be the area of washing. In other to reduce its highly concentrated bitterness.

Some ladies don't like washing bitter leaf. So they prefer to buy already washed bitter leaf from the market.

To enjoy your bitter leaf, you need to wash it very well. Just as if you are washing your cloths to get the bitter taste out.

Put your leaves inside a bowl, add a spoon of salt and squeeze thoroughly until you get the desired bitter taste that will be okay for your soup.

Please note that if you don't wash this leaf very well to reduce the natural bitterness of the leaf , it will spoil your soup.

(2). Garden egg leaf.

I know you must have eaten garden egg before. Have you tasted egusi soup prepared with garden egg leaves?

If not, then you need to try it, because you have been missing.

The garden egg leaves have this unique taste and flavour it gives your egusi soup.

Garden egg leaves are also bitter in nature. You need to squeeze the leaves to extract its bitterness.

What You need to do here, is to hand pick your leaves, slice the leaves inside a bowl, and squeeze for about 10mins to remove the bitter juice it has, beefore adding it to your egusi soup.

(3). Scent leaf.

Scent leaf, popularly known as efinrin in yoruba language of Nigeria.

This leaf can be chewed raw to cure mild running stomach, or mild stomach upset. When you think of any kind of pepper soup in Nigeria, then you must think of scent leaf.

Its like a tradition.

Adding this herbal advantageous leaf into your egusi soup, will not only make your egusi soup delicious, it beautify the soup, and add a kind of distinctive scent you will always remember.

To add your scent leaf to your egusi soup, hand pick healthy leaves from its sticks, slice them, wash with water and salt, add it to your egusi soup.

Scent leaves are grown at home, farm or you buy them from the market.

(4). Cassava leaf.

Egusi soup with Cassava leaf is another delicious combo made available by our lovely mother and wives.

Pluck the tips of the stem, that is, the top of the cassava leaf. Put it inside a bowl and add hot water for the leaves to become soft.

The cassava leaves gives your egusi soup a kind of taste or flavour that will make you ask for more.

(5). Vegetable leaf.

Vegetable leaf is another green leaf given to us by nature. Vegetables give good amount of vitamins and minerals.

Adding your Vegetable leaves to your egusi soup, will make you bite your tongue if you are not careful.

It has this natural Vegetable aroma, and it makes the egusi soup look very nice when served.

Before adding your vegetable leaf to your egusi soup, make sure you put your vegetable leaves inside a bowl and add hot water into it in other to reduce the harsh Vegetable odour the soup might have.

(6). Pumpkin leaf (Ugu).

Pumpkin leaf popularly known as ugu, is a very popular leaf in Nigeria. There is hardly any soup you eat in Nigeria, that does not have the element of these leaves.

Bitter leaf and pumpkin leaf (Ugu) are very important when it comes to business of preparing delicious egusi soup.

Ugu leave is easy to use. All you need to do is to pluck healthy green leaves from the crippling plant. slice and then rinse with water and salt, and you are good to go.

(7). Water leaf.

These leaves are found in almost every corner of your garden, bush parts, back yards or farm during the raining season.

Water leaf is not only delicious when added to egusi soup, it is also used as a laxative which could restore the body to its normal form.

It has antioxidants usefulness that is important to our health. The health benefits make it to stand out from other leaves we use in preparing our egusi soup.

When adding your water leaf to your egusi soup, make sure you drain the water you used in washing the water leaf very well. If possible leave it in a sieve for atleast 30 mins so that the water will be fully drained.

But if you can't wait for 30 mins, make sure you don't add too much of water inside your egusi soup. If you do, the egusi soup will be to watery.

You will love the taste of this leaf in your egusi soup, if you give it a try.

(8). Spinach leaf.

Spinach is a nutrients rich leaf that is grown in Nigeria. It contains antioxidants that fight agaist skin problem.

Spinach is just like the water leaf with the same aroma, and same taste.

If you mix spinach leaves with water leaves to cook that your egusi soup, you won't be able to tell the difference.

Hand pick your spinach leaf, slice them, put them in a bowl, add salt and water, wash and sieve, before adding them to your egusi soup.

These are some of the wonderful natural greens, nature has given to us to cook with.

Let us enjoy it and make judicious use of it.

Content created and supplied by: Tboyliketea (via Opera News )

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