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Photos Of Cakes That Look Like Shoe, Soap, Toilet Paper, Coconut

Was it that cake makers are tired of the normal traditional shapes that we are familiar with or what? As for me, I think they are trying to make something new or trying to pass a message to their customers that any type of shape is possible.

You will want to agree with me that innovation is developing and advancing everyday. Yesterday, there was an article that was circulated on the internet about a new restaurant that just opened by an Igbo lady, I guess I forgot her name. According to the pictures of the interior structures of the restaurant, it looks almost exactly like an airplane precisely. You will want to agree with me that many people are busy trying something new to either stand out different or get more customers. I believe before you can stand out among rivals, you need something different from what they are doing.

Maybe that was what these cakes makers were thinking of or they might even be trying to show their abilities, which is spectacular I must say. Without wasting too much of our time, I present to you amazing cakes that will amaze you.

Below you will see cakes baked in different forms like soap, banana, toilet paper, coconut and even more:

Coconut Form

Towel Form

Toilet paper Form

Shoe-like Form

Soap Form

Flour Vase

Pizza Form

Cake Baked in Banana Form

Cake Baked in Different Forms

Guys, what do you think about these Cake designs?

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Cakes Igbo Shoe Toilet Paper


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