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Improve Your Digestion By Avoiding These 3 Habits While Having A Meal

Have you ever heard about food coma? It’s the feeling of sleepiness and fatigue right after you’ve eaten a large, heavy meal and you just want to lay down and nap for a bit. People who tend to overeat and regularly eat high-calorie meals experience this sensation quite often. But, if you eat healthy and in moderation and still feel sluggish and bloated after eating you should probably make some changes in your eating habits. We’ve made a list of three eating habits you should eliminate from your routine if you want to feel more energized after a meal:

Drinking ice cold water while you eat is a very bad habit: It constricts the blood vessels, slows down digestion and prevents proper nutrients absorption. It can make the fat you ingest harder to digest by freezing it. By drinking ice cold water you lower your body temperature and focus your body’s energy on regulating this instead of digestion. If you want to boost your metabolism and stimulate digestion you need to drink warm water with lemon or a cup of green tea and drink it slowly.

Combining starch and protein is bad for digestion: Meat and potatoes, burgers and fries and similar combinations, which we eat regularly, can cause heartburn and acid reflux because proteins need more time to digest while starch not so much. When you eat them at the same time they get mixed up in the stomach and the starch stays there for hours until the proteins get digested. In this process the starches ferment, releasing gases and cause belching and bloating. You need to remember not to combine these two ingredients but eat them separately. Combine starches with vegetables, it’ll be easier to digest and won’t cause you problems.

Drinking too much water: There is such a thing as drinking too much water. We all know water is good for our health but just like everything else it need to be consumed in moderation. If you overdo it can make you bloated and cause you digestive issues. Why is this so? Because the stomach secretes hydrochloric acid when we eat so that it can digest the food and when we drink too much water we dilute this much needed acid and cause digestive problems. That’s why all doctors and nutritionists recommend not drinking water at least for an hour before and after a meal.

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