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10 delicious Nigerian soups you need to try out

Nigeria is a country blessed with many foods and soups. Nigerian soups are very delicious and nutritious which are usually prepared with ingredients that are easy to get in the markets and stores. Some people prefer to go to there villages during festive period so that they can eat mouth watering soups. Others do visit restaurants too so that they can have a taste of their desired soups without preparing them at home. Anyway, it is a good idea to have a taste of this delicious soups.

Below are some of the Nigeria delicious soups you have to start cooking if you haven't

The photos below will give you a perfect look of each of the soup as you check them out

1. Black soup

2. White zobo leaf soup (Isapa)

3. Okro soup

4. Ogbono or apon soup

5. Ewedu soup (jute mellow)

6. Efo riro

7. Gbegiri

8. Baobab leaf soup (luru or kuka)

9. Egusi soup (melon)

10. Obe ata dindin (tomato stew)

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