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Learn How To Prepare Strawberry And Grape Fruit Juice

Grape and strawberry are fruits you should try mixing to get your fruit juice. I love eating strawberry or anything made out of Strawberry but then grape could be quite sour in my mouth. Knowing this things, I had to try combining the fruits to make a fruit juice and I was amazed the way it turned out. Cooking is fun and trying new things is more fun. I will be writing on how you can make your strawberry and grape fruit juice.

Making this fruit juice is quite easy and the fruits are always available in our local shops. Strawberries, grapes, water and strawberry flavor are all you will be needing to prepare this type of fruit juice.

To Prepare Your Strawberry and Grape fruit juice:

1) wash your strawberry, cut into smaller pieces and pour into a bowl.

2) Peel the back of your grape and remove the whitish inner part. This will leave you with the reddish innermost part of the fruit.

3) Cut the reddish part into smaller sizes. Pour both the strawberry and grape into blender.

4) Add little water into the blender and blend the content.

5) Pour out the content. Use a fine sieve to seperate the juice from the pulp.

6) Add your strawberry flavor into your juice and it's ready to be served.

You can decide to fridge your juice to your desired temperature. There are lots of snacks that could be used to enjoy this drink.

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